About Wee Talk

Wee Talk offers programs and therapy to children with speech and language difficulties in Guelph, Wellington County and Dufferin County. Services are offered at many sites in these areas, in English or French. Wee Talk is a free service that is funded by the Ministry of Child and Youth Services, and is delivered by Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health together with our Wee Talk partners.

Wee Talk is committed to equitable service for all children across the preschool speech and language system. We make sure each child has the same response time for their initial visit, and can access the same pathways to service, evaluation and therapy.

What we do

Wee Talk offers:

  • Information about how babies and young children learn to talk, and how parents can help
  • Speech, language, and communication skills assessment
  • Direct and indirect therapy
  • Parent education
  • Home programming
  • Public education
  • Wee Read

Who we are

Speech-Language Pathologists
Wee Talk’s speech-language pathologists are licensed by the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario. Speech-language pathologists assess your child and provide parent education, group, or individual therapy, depending on your chid's needs. 

Communication Disorder Assistants
Wee Talk’s communication disorder assistants provide therapy under the supervision of a speech-language pathologist.

Wee Talk Staff
The rest of the Wee Talk team includes a manager, a program administrator, and a program assistant. All of our partner sites have administrative staff.

Wee Talk is a partnership of agencies that provide speech and language services to families with children from birth to school age in Wellington County, Dufferin County and the City of Guelph.

Wee Talk Partners
Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (Lead agency)
St. Joseph's Health Centre (Guelph)
KidsAbility (Guelph)
Groves Memorial Community Hospital
Headwaters Health Care Centre
North Wellington Health Care Centre
Wellington County Childcare Services

Childcare and Inclusion Support Services
If your child is in a licensed daycare in Guelph or Wellington County and needs speech and language support, Wee Talk can provide consultation services to your childcare provider. If your child sees other service providers at their daycare, a Wee Talk speech-language pathologist may join your child’s Inclusion Support Services team.