Working Together

Parents and Caregivers

Parents and caregivers play a key role in successful speech and language therapy. You, your child and your speech-language pathologist (SLP) will work as a team. You will be involved at every step of the process, from assessment to discharge.

After assessments and each therapy session, your SLP will suggest activities to do at home with your child. You don’t need a lot of extra time for these activities. Most of them can be done during your daily routines.

Parents are often the first to know if there are concerns with their child’s communication. Don’t wait to get help! It’s never too early—and your child is never too young—to be seen by an SLP.

Service Coordination

Wee Talk is committed to equitable service for all children across the preschool speech and language system. We make sure each child has the same response time for their initial visit, and can access the same pathways to service, evaluation and therapy.

With your consent, Wee Talk may communicate with other service providers regarding your child’s speech and language goals.

Guelph and Wellington County

Growing Great Kids (GGK) System of Care

GGK is a group of local organizations who provide services for young children in Guelph and Wellington County. These agencies work together to provide coordinated care to meet your child’s and family needs:

  • Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health - Healthy Babies Healthy Children
  • KidsAbility
  • Canadian Mental Health Association (Waterloo-Wellington)
  • County of Wellington - Children's Early Years Division
  • Others as required

Dufferin County

The following agencies in Dufferin work together to provide coordinated care to meet your child’s and family needs:

  • Healthy Babies Healthy Children
  • ErinOaks Centre for Treatment and Development
  • Dufferin Child and Family Services
  • Community Living Dufferin
  • Daycares
  • Community Care Access Centre of Wellington Dufferin
  • Others as required

Childcare and Inclusion Support Services

Wee Talk works with licensed childcare centres in Guelph and Wellington County to provide speech and language consultation services in the childcare environment. If your child is being seen by other service providers at their daycare, a Wee Talk speech-language pathologist may join your child’s Inclusion Support Services team. You can view information about making a referral here.